JeeTops™ for the Jeep Wrangler
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You have made an Outstanding decision to purchase a JeeTops custom handmade product. Quality is the name of the game. From the custom formed, impact-modified acrylic to our attention to detail. JeeTops design has been perfected to provide you with the best product on the market.


We Guarantee Jeetops with a 5 year/50,000 mile warranty. This product meets or exceeds all Federal motor vehicle safety

JeeTops warranty is limited to those products manufactured by Jeetops and is only valid in the country in which they were purchased. its ownership is that of the original
purchaser and is non-transferable.

Warranty will be void should damage be caused by the use of any alcohol or ammonia-based products or other harmful chemicals or if an unauthorized repair or alteration had been done.
Warranty must be sent in within 30 days after purchase.

Please fill out the form below to complete your warranty registration. Keep in mind that you will receive an email after you fill out the form that you will need to sign and send in to JeeTops.


Hi! Please fill out this form for warranty. Once the form is filled, we will email you your filled in copy that you must sign and mail in.

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